Top ten all-inclusive resorts in Los Cabos. - Cabos Finest (2022)

  • June 8, 2020

Now that everyone wants to get back to Cabo, we decided to update our list of the top ten All-Inclusive Resorts of Los Cabos. These are the best oceanfront resorts that include all your food, beverage, and entertainment. What a great way to enjoy your time in beautiful Los Cabos. Some are family-friendly, others are adult-only but one thing they have in common is great friendly service and tons of fun.

We will start with the most affordable and end with the high-end options. The prices quoted are examples for a 7-night stay Sat. to Sat. for two adults in early December 2020.

#10- RIU Santa Fe- This is their best value of the 3 Riu resorts in Cabo San Lucas. Currently priced at just $207 per night double occupancy for their standard room 280 sq ft with city views. The hotel has a whopping 902 comfortably furnished rooms and offers many amenities. They have a current rating of 3.9 and many like it due to it’s proximity to Medano Brach and not far from the Cabo nightlife.

#9- Dreams Los Cabos This family-friendly resort is in the Corridor at Cabo Real Golf Course. They have a nice sandy beach and multiple pools one of which is adult only. Prices start at $282 for double occupancy in a large 646 sq ft. Junior Suite 1King Bed Ocean View. This resort has a rating of 4.3. It is a AAA Four Diamond Resort that captures the beauty and elegance of traditional, colonial Mexican design.

#8- Sandos Finisterra is one of the original resorts in Cabo. Perched high above the marina and the Pacific Ocean for a dramatic location that is also convenient for those wanting to be close to the action. They also have a 4.3 rating and are moderately priced at $320 per night for their spacious 500 sq ft ocean view Junior Suite.

#7- Breathless Cabo San Lucas has a great location right on the marina in downtown Cabo and is the first resort on Medano Beach. The rooms face the marina with balconies where you can watch all the boats coming and going. This is an adults-only resort and draws the younger party crowd. Their Suites are 592 sq ft and start at $410 per night. The resort has a 4.3 rating

#6- Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort is an adults-only option from the resort group Pueblo Bonito. This is located in the huge Quivira project just west of Cabo. Prices start at $348 per night for two in their 350 sq ft Deluxe room. All rooms have sweeping views and sit oceanfront. The resort is rated at 4.3 out of 5. Their highest-end rooms are in the Tower at Pacifica and feature 750 sq ft suites with Butler service and are currently $840 per night.

#5- Paradisus Los Cabos is smack in the middle of Los Cabos. This large resort has commanding views of the ocean and the Cabo Real Golf Course. Paradisus Junior Suite Garden View is 430 sq ft and priced at $427 per night for two. It has a current rating of 4.4 and has been completely remodeled and rebranded in 2019.

#4- Secrets Puerto Los Cabos- This is an adults-only property located just east of San Jose with a marina and golf course nearby. This newer property has a 4.4 rating. The junior suite is 560 sq ft and the rate is $323 per night. Their Presidential Suite Swim Out Ocean Front is the other end of their offering and is $1614 per night.

#3- Marquis Resort & Spa is located in the middle of the Corridor and has amazing pools overlooking the Sea of Cortez. All suites are oceanfront and start at 646 sq ft with a current rate of $435 per couple per night. They boast a 4.6 rating and are adults only. Their largest option is the 1670 sq ft Oceanfront Casita with a private plunge pool and starts at $914 per night for double occupancy.

Now we take a look inside our final 2 all-inclusive resorts starting with #2 Le Blanc Resort & Spa. This is a new property with rave reviews. Their Royale Deluxe is 431 sq ft and starts at $636 per night. This is a high level of luxury with a 4.9 rating. Their royal Governor is the largest suite at 861 sq ft and is $953 per night. So if high-quality restaurants and top shelf spirits with impeccable service is your thing give Le Blanc a try.

And the is #1 all inclusive resort in Los Cabos is Grand Velas in the golden corridor. This is one of the top resorts in the world and for good reason. Grand Velas has raised the bar on what an all inclusive should be. They have the only 2 star Michelin restaurant in Los Cabos. Their other dining options are stunning. The pools and grounds are immaculate and their spa is a star unto itself and possibly the best reason to visit. Every room is a suite starting with the Ambassador Suite with 1076 sq ft and priced at $1165 per night for a couple. They have many options and all are ocean view. Their largest suite is Ambassador Two Bedroom Family Suite with 2164 sq ft and priced at $1,907 per night.

Well, there you have it the top ten All-Inclusive Resorts of Los Cabos.

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