Villa Bel Air - St Barts Villa Rentals by Sibarth (2022)

Terms and conditions

Rate doesn’t include 5% tourism tax and 10% service fee.

Minimum number of nights may be required.

Villa prices can very occasionally change from what is listed on the website, so please contact one of our villa specialists for an exact quote.

A non-refundable deposit set at 25% of the rent is due upon reservation if such reservation is made over 30 days before the date of arrival.

If the reservation is made more than 30 days before the client’s arrival date, the non-refundable balance must be paid 30 days before the arrival. -If the reservation is made within 30 days before the arrival date, the client shall pay the entire non-refundable rent upon reservation.

Check-in time: after 3pm; departure time: before noon.

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Quiet, private, and centrally located

With its tranquility and seclusion, along with fantastic views over the green hills and brilliant blue skies of St. Jean, Villa Bel Air (BLR) is ideal for those who seek a little bit of everything in their St. Barth vacation. The luxury rental property was recently renovated but it retains its traditional West Indies style and wide-open vistas.

Villa Bel Air is now decorated with a stylish design and a soothing color palette that is heavy on white. It is private and peaceful, and now it has all the modern conveniences, such as air-conditioning and HDTV. At the same time, it retains a sense of timelessness, something that is encouraged by the cooling island breezes that waft gently through.

Not only does house’s location in the heights of St. Jean give it those pleasing nature views—complete with glimpses of the sea from various points on the property—but it also puts it within easy and convenient reach from the shops and services on that side of the island, as well as Saline and St. Jean beaches.

In fact, Villa Bel Air is very well integrated with nature. It is situated within a garden of 2750 square meters with mature trees and plants. The large terrace has chaise lounges for enjoying the scenery and the calm.

The centerpiece of the house is a living area with a well equipped kitchen. The spaces flow seamlessly from one to the other, and the wall of windows can be fully opened to connected the indoor and outdoor living spaces, and the swimming pool beyond.

Two of the bedrooms are equal in size and amenities, with their carved wooden four-poster king-size beds and ample ensuite bathrooms. The third bedroom has two twin beds, which can be made up as one king-size bed, and an ensuite bathroom. All three of them open directly onto the terrace.

Sibarth Bespoke Villa Rentals is proud to offer the traditional style and modern conveniences of Villa Bel Air.

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On-Island Villa Specialists

Can’t make up your mind? If you would like a second, expert opinion, our Sibarth villa expert is only an email or phone call away. They can give you personal, one-on-one St Barts villa selection advice.We have a database of every single detail from our St Barts rental villas, and all the island’s amenities. From the view you’ll enjoy from your terrace, to the brand of appliances in your kitchen. All of our specialists are based in St Barth, so we know every corner of the island and can provide you with first-hand, expert advice whichever luxury villa you choose.


Our in-house concierge team will be available 24/7 to help you create a luxury vacation that is all you want it to be. Just let us know and we can organise cocktails at sunrise, or maybe breakfast at sunset, or even cocktails for breakfast at sunset! It’s your vacation after all and it’s our aim to help you make the most of your St Barts villa.Our concierge team stocks rental villas with everything from avocados to zucchini, organise massages that originate from all four corners of the globe, and arranges activities such as deep-sea sport fishing and crêpe parties for kids.The team really are here to help you make the most of your St Barts vacation villas. Do you have a favourite flower? We have had Peonies shipped in from Amsterdam. Have you decided on your first dance song? We sought out and flew over a Puerto Rican band for a wedding. Picture driving around the island in your own Ferrari? We have shipped out a client’s sports car and gravelled the drive of the vacation villa. Don’t want to be disturbed in the night? We have discretely chased chickens around at 5am, ensuring that our clients got a good sleep.So, when we say that this is our island, your way, we really mean it. And, while you’re here, we want your St. Barts rental villa to feel like home.

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Arrival and Departure

We will be waiting for you at the airport or harbour to give you a warm welcome and show you to your rental car. From there, we will personally escort you to your Saint Bathélemy villa, help you carry in your belongings and get you settled into your time in paradise.And when the time comes for you to leave, we’ll be there, at your vacation villa to help you with your belongings and wish you a safe return journey. A lot of our guests are already planning their next trip here as they leave which is why we offer to keep your belongings in storage and look after them until your next island getaway. Why not explore the other Sibarth luxury villa rentals St Barts has to offer.


Each rental villa has its own housekeeping team and daily maid visits (apart from on Sundays and holidays) that will ensure it is cleaned and maintained to the highest of standards of any villa rental St Barts has.

Welcome Gifts

At Sibarth, we like to take care of every little detail. That’s why every St Barth villa that we offer comes with a few essential extras. People come from every corner of the world to stay in our Saint Barthelemy villas. To welcome you into your Barts rental villas, we have a few gifts for your arrival. We know that the perfect cure for jetlag is sun, sand and some Hermès toiletries that can be found in Barts villas we offer to help you relax and freshen up after your journey, wherever you have come from.

Financial Guarantee

To ensure your funds are protected, we are subscribed with LLOYD'S in France and in Monaco for the amount of €6,500,000.

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