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Planning a trip to Mexico? Here's all the latest information you need to know for your trip! We've listed down all the information on Mexico travel restrictions, the country's current COVID-19 situation, as well as the essential resources you will need to make sure your trip to Mexico is safe, easy, and enjoyable.

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Mexico Travel Restrictions: Latest Updates on COVID-19 Situation in Mexico

Before you book your trip, it is important to know what to expect from the country you are visiting, including the latest COVID-19 statistics.

The government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Health, regularly releases updates on the current COVID-19 situation of the country via the General Information Portal. According to the latest data dated Nov 16, 2021, Mexico has recorded a total of 3,847,243 confirmed cases and 291,141 total deaths.

Mexico Travel Restrictions for International Tourists

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There are currently no nationwide travel restrictions in Mexico. There are, however, specific requirements that you must fulfill before entering the country:

  • No Proof of Vaccination Required. Mexico does not check for or require visitors any proof of vaccination for any individual traveling from any country.
  • No Mandatory Quarantines. Mexico does not require travelers to submit to a mandatory quarantine upon arrival.
  • No Negative Test Results Required. Mexico does not require travelers to submit to any COVID-19 tests (i.e., rapid test, antigen test) prior to entering the country.
  • Health Declaration Form and QR Code. Mexico requires all travelers to register and submit a health declaration form. The government-mandated Vuela Seguro Health Declaration can be accessed here, and all travelers must fill it in prior to traveling to Mexico. Upon completion of the questionnaire, travelers will receive a QR Code which shall then be presented at the port of entry upon arrival.

General Information on Mexico Travel Restrictions: Understanding Mexico's Traffic Light System

While there are no nationwide travel restrictions in Mexico, the Mexican government has put localized systems in place to help curb the spread of COVID and keep everyone safe. COVID situations vary by state. To make sure that the social, economic, and Mexico travel restrictions reflect the specific situations at the state level, the Mexican government has implemented the "traffic light system" ("Semaforo" in Spanish) to mark the safety status of each state. Curfews, lockdowns, and local travel restrictions are determined by the state government, based on their color code status.

There are four levels or "codes" to the traffic light system that serve as guidelines for general community movement guidelines and state-level travel restrictions in Mexico.

Under federal rules, the status or code assigned to each state is designated according to the highest code/status in any city or town within its jurisdiction. The information is available in English via the official VisitMexico website and in Spanish via the Ministry of Health's official COVID-19 general information website.

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What exactly does the traffic light system mean? How does it affect the existing measures and Mexico travel restrictions? Here's an explainer.

Code Red. Code "Red" is the strictest of all localized social, economic, and travel restrictions in Mexico. In states placed on code "Red", everyone is advised to stay at home and only essential economic and social activities are allowed to operate. These essential businesses/establishments include medical services and supplies, grocery store operations and delivery services, food delivery and takeout services, public safety, government social programs, critical infrastructure, construction, and transportation equipment production. Under code "Red", masks are mandatory in all public spaces. Hotels in areas marked "Red" can only operate at 25% occupancy and only open for guests working on critical or essential services.

Orange. In states designated "Orange", core businesses like markets and supermarkets are allowed to operate at up to 75% capacity. Non-core businesses like hotels, restaurants, barber shops, open-air parks, and gyms are allowed to operate at 50% capacity. Shopping malls, churches, museums, and entertainment establishments (i.e., theaters, cinemas) as well as cultural events, are allowed to open at 25% capacity. Under color code "Orange", masks are mandatory in all public spaces.

Yellow. According to the regulations and travel restrictions in Mexico, states tagged "Yellow" have minimal restrictions. This means that open-air public spaces can operate as usual, all work activities can resume at full capacity, while enclosed public spaces may operate with some reductions to their operational capacities. Under code "Yellow", wearing face masks in public spaces is no longer required, although it is still highly encouraged.

Green. For states designated "Green", all economic and social activities are permitted with no restrictions. Travelers and citizens, however, are still advised to exercise safety precautions like social distancing. And while all mask mandates are lifted under code "Green", mask wearing is still highly encouraged.

Mexico Travel Restrictions: Updated Color-Coded Map of Mexico

According to the latest government data from November 16, only the Mexican state of Baja California is placed under code "Orange", while the rest of the country is on code "Green."

To find out the most up-to-date information on the status of your Mexican destination according to the traffic light system, visit this color-coded map. You can click on the map for each specific state to get the latest local reports.

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MexicoTravel Restrictions: Checklist and Resources for International Travelers

While there are currently no travel restrictions in Mexico, there are still a significant number of guidelines to follow. And because the guidelines as well as local travel restrictions in Mexico are determined at the state level, it is important to know who to reach out to for assistance wherever you are in the country. Here's a list of requirements and helpful resources that can help you navigate the existing mobility and travel restrictions in Mexico:

  • Vuela Seguro Health Declaration Form. The health declaration form, Vuela Seguro, is the most important component of Mexico travel restrictions. All travelers entering Mexico must register and fill out the health questionnaire and declaration prior to entering the country.
  • QR Code. Travelers must present the QR Code generated by the health declaration form upon entry.
  • Health Screening Upon Entry. According to the recent guidelines on nationwide travel restrictions and requirements in Mexico, travelers in Mexico shall be subjected to health screenings like temperature checks at ports of entry. Visitors who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 will be directed to Mexico's international health unit, Sanidad Internacional for testing and assistance.
  • COVID-19 Assistance Hotlines by State. The COVID-19 situation in Mexico varies from state to state. Each state has a designated hotline to assist anyone with emergencies or for guidance on any COVID-related situation specific to their state. You can find the complete list of hotline numbers for each state here.
  • Mexican Ministry of Health COVID-19 Hotline. To get in touch with Mexico's Ministry of Health regarding any COVID-related concerns and/or inquiries, the agency may be reached through their hotline number 800-0055-800. Travelers who exhibit symptoms of any respiratory illness, such as fever, cough, sneezing, headaches, or sore throat, and suspect they have (or may have been exposed to) COVID-19 during their visit, may contact the national hotline at 800 0044 800 or 55 5658 1111 for assistance. Do note that English-language support may not always be available. For situations requiring immediate medical attention, travelers are advised to contact emergency services at 911.
  • Approved Laboratories in Mexico for COVID-19 Testing. COVID tests are widely available in laboratories and hospitals. This is a list of all government-approved laboratories in Mexico offering PCR and/or antigen tests for COVID-19.

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